Uwagi do zastosowania :

1. The measure of the lowering will be reduced by the measure of the original sport suspension. 
2. Wedge form: The lowering of the front axle depends from the equipment and weight of the engine. 
3. As of Chassisnumber: 21234. 
4. For fine tuning, please refer to the original Daimler Benz spring isolators available in different heights (8-23mm). 
5. Heavy duty for models with full equipment and more than 4 cylinders. 
6. A TÜV presentation is necessary despite ABE for vehicles with a load depending brake power distributor. 
7. Without self-levelling. 
8. Additional lowering may occur on vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions. 
9. Only for vehicles with full equipment. 
10. XR3i does not lower, only the adjustment becomes more sportive. 
11. Vehicles with 6 cylinder engines require sport shocks. 
12. Not for station wagons. 
13. As of ABE-Nr 9138/2. 
14. Up to 8.79 please use spring cap no. 171412341A. 
15. Excludes 4 wheel drive 
16. As of 9.1994 original Volkswagen springs caps might be necessary: 1H0412341 (big) or 357412341 A (small). 
17. Shorter sport shocks are required. The VOGTLAND suspension kits are covered with these shocks. 
18. Not suitable for serial or original sport suspension. 
19. Only front springs, torsion bars (or standard spring) on the rear axle. 
20. Only rear springs, torsion bars (or standard spring) on the front axle. 
21. All wheel/tyre combinations are allowed which are released by the wheel type testing institution.
The conditions in the wheel approval have to be kept, except when original suspension is required. 
22. At the VOGTLAND adjustable suspension kits are only the shock valvings in the front adjustable. 
23. Due to vehicle - specific tolerances it might occur that the drive shaft contacts the anti-roll bar.
In such case you are requiered to install a modified anti-roll bar. Anti-roll bar conversion set without Xenon headlights: 968 550 000.
Or the steering rod from your VW/Audi dealer. 
24. Height adjustable at the front and rear axle (threaded strut housings). 
25. Height adjustable at the front and rear axle (front axle threaded housings, rear axle threaded spring perch and separate shocks). 
26. Only height adjustable at the front axle (threaded strut housings), springs and shocks at the rear axle. 
27. May require the use of wheel spacers with original equipment tires and wheels. 
28. Excludes self-leveling. 
29. Height adjustable at the front (threaded strut housings), rear axle is adjustable with torsion spring adjustment. 
30. Installed shocks can be adjusted when installed. 
31. Installed shocks can not be adjusted when installed. 
32. The front turn lights (§76/756 EG), must be the min. height from 350mm. Alfa part number: 46226968 
33. Fore vehicles manufactured bevor 04/02, the piston rod is fastened to the support bearing with an arched disk (piston rod threads visible).
Models built after 04/02, piston rod threads not visible. 
34. Only for vehicles which have rear dampers mounted below with M10, otherwise Kit number 96 84 34. 
35. Only for vehicles which have rear dampers mounted below with M14. 
36. Front shock, complete suspension strut. Part number : 966404, 966406, 966407, 966322, 960422, 969423, 960423 
37. Front shock, cartridge Part number: 960183 
38. Damper only siutable for European Cars. 
39. If the driveshaft-diameter is greater than 42mm the max. aproved lowering is reduced 15 mm. 
40. The inside distance between the Mountingbracket of the Front Damper must be 27 mm. 
41. From chassis- number Y on the 10th position. 
42. For cars with 50mm Suspension Strut (Part number: 960510, 960511960514, 960515, 960518, 960519) 
43. For cars with 55mm Suspension Strut (Part number: 960512, 960513, 960516, 960517, 960520, 960521) 
44. For cars build from October 1991 up to May 1992 the upper attachment must be replaced by BMW partnumber 31.331.090.467. 
TÜV TÜV certificate existing, sets without TÜV can be ordered for Export market. 
iV. In development, please call 
AV sold out